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Karen, 9.71 acres prime commercial land, 2km from Karen shopping centre toward Dagoretti, next to a school and large residential estate. Asking 80m/acre

Karen, KCB area 10 acres prime land ripe for development already subdivided into 1 acre plots. Asking 45m/acre

Karen KCB near Shade hotel, 6 bedroom house on 2.5 acres. Very well maintained both in and out. Asking 140m

Karen, 5 acres commercial at the corner of Karen / Langata roads. Asking 100m/acre

Karen, 4.8 acres in Fair Acres. Asking 40m/acre

Karen, 5 acres along Bogani South road near Catholic University and next to Karengata Boys. Asking 35m/acre

Karen, 1 acre off Marula for 48m

Karen, House on Mukinduri Crescent, 4 bedroom/ 4 bathroom Ambassadorial House on 0.5 acre plot. Asking 90m (Furnished)

Ngong road, 1 acre near Coptic Hospital for redevelopment for 550m

Ngong road, 3/4 acre near Prestige for 400m

Ngong road, 18 houses on 1 acre opposite Ngong Hills hotel, with monthly income of 1.5m. Asking price 500m

Ngong road, 2.4acres touching Ngong road 2nd plot after Adams roundabout toward Dagoretti corner. Asking 450m/acre ONO

Mombasa road, 2 acres touching the road between Crater Motors and Bellevue estate towards Nairobi. Asking 250m/acre

Mombasa road, 8.5 acres located on Main Old Airport Road in two blocks (titles) of 2 and 6.5acre.  Asking 100m/acre

Parklands, 0.75 acres located at the end of Eldama Ravine road with easy access to Westlands and Highridge shopping centres. It has three 2 bedroom houses with monthly income of 120K & is ripe for re-development. Asking 150m. Google Maps link HERE

Parklands 5th Ave, 0.25 acres with borehole, approved NCC plans for 24 apartments, Nema license and ready change of user. Asking 90m

Parklands 3rd Ave, 0.275 acres with six flats each renting for 45k. Plot is ideal for redevelopment. Asking 200m

Parklands 2nd Avenue, 0.6 acres off behind Oshwal college. Ideal for flats or office block. Asking 200m

Westlands Parklands road, 0.3 acres opposite Mayfair Casino & next to a shopping/office complex. Asking 160m

Waiyaki Way, 1 acre opposite Safaricom near Maxland. Asking 450m

Loresho, 2 acres with beautiful large well maintained house in a compound having mature trees. Located off Loresho Ridge near University. Asking 120m. Google Maps link HERE

Loresho, a bank is selling (through an auctioneer) a Spacious and elegant 4 bedroom house, 2 ensuite with Dsq located in Loresho along Shinyalu close. Private sale treaty for 36m (25% on offer acceptance and balance within 60 days)

Akiba South C, a bank is selling (through an auctioneer) a 3 bedroom Maisonnette with a separate single story staff quarters. Private sale treaty for 11m (25% on offer acceptance and balance within 60 days)

Riverside drive, after Mzima Spring junction is 1 acre ideal for townhouse & on sewer. Asking 250m

Lower Kabete road, 7 bedroom house all ensuite plus separate 2 bedroom guest wing, inhouse swimming pool on 1/2 acre plot built on sloppy plot in 3 levels. Asking 140m

Lower Kabete road, 5 bedroom house all ensuite plus separate 2 bedroom guest wing on 1/2 acre plot built on sloppy plot with swimming pool and touching river. Asking 75m

Lavington Kingara road, 2 bedroom furnished apartment with power back-up, wireless internet, DSTV, 24hrs security, a swimming pool and landscaped gardens. Asking 13m

Lavington, Gitanga road 1 acre flat and on sewer ideal for apartments behind Rusinga school. Asking 230m

Lavington, Hatheru Rd., 1 acre flat and on sewer ideal for apartments. Asking 220m

Lavington, 0.97 acres touching James Gichuru road next to Nakumatt and opposite Shell petrol station. Asking 325m

Runda Mimosa, 0.5 acres in a secure / built-up area. Asking 38m

Kileleshwa, Othaya road 0.78 acres with approved building plans for 40 executive apartments, the land is flat and on sewer. Asking 200m

Thika road, very prime 1 acre which touches the superhighway after Githurai clay works towards Nairobi. Due to its strategic location, it can be used for residential, industrial or commercial development.  Asking 85m. Google Maps link HERE

Thika road, Ruaraka are prime 2.5 acres just before Wilmary Estate at EABL touching the superhighway towards city. Asking 375m for the block. Google Maps link HERE

Industrial Area, off Enterprise road are 1.75 acres ideal for commercial or industrial development. Asking 90m/acre. Google Maps link HERE

Roy Sambu, 0.5 acres behind Assemblies Church of God. Asking 30m

Donholm, 6 acres ideal for large residential estate development. Asking 35m/acre

Runda Kigwaru, 2 acres of commercial property in Kigwaru Estate, 400 Meters from the Northern bypass and is next to Health Centre, Nursery, School and Church Plots. Asking Kshs 200m or US$ 2.4m for the block

Sigona, 0.25 acres 100 metres from highway towards Nairobi. Asking 9m

Hurlingham centre, 0.7 acres with approved plans, the owner has stopped construction and has built a basement. Asking is 350m. Google Maps link HERE

Upper Hill, 0.98 acres near Crowne Plaza Hotel. Asking 525m

Kilimani, Lenana road 0.75 acres about 100 metres from road and ideal for apartments. Asking 350m

Pangani, 50 x 100 plot with old houses, second row from Thika road at the shopping centre. Asking 70m

Riara road, 0.5 acres opposite Maasai court ideal for apartments. Asking 150m

Kilimani, Kilimani road 0.5 acre with 4 maisonettes. Asking 170m

Ruia, ¼ acre Embakasi Ranching plots. Asking 2.5m/plot

Ruia, 0.5 acres along the bypass toward Ruiru very ideal for Petrol Station. Asking 12m

Imara Diama, 2 units of 2 bedroom houses next to each other. Asking 6m/house


Mombasa road, 70 acres subdivided into 10 acre blocks located just after Devki Steel and beside Top Tank. Asking 28m/acre front row and others 20m/acre

Mombasa road, 60 acres in 5 acre blocks behind Mombasa Cement. Asking 45m/acre

Mombasa road, 5 acres near KBC station 4 km from main road. Land is suitable for residential development. Asking 100m

Mombasa road, 5.2 acres touching road near Nation Printers towards Nairobi. Asking 70m/acre

Mombasa road, Mlolongo 5 acres along Beijing road near Great Wall estate. Asking 150m

Mombasa road, Mlolongo 0.865 acres commercial plot just behind the weighbridge going for 55 million

Mombasa road, Mlolongo 13 acres next to Kenchic. Asking 14m/acre

Mombasa road, Mlolongo 75 acres very prime behind Great Wall estate. Asking 17m/acre

Kangundo road, 3 acre touching main road near KBC. Asking 13m for the block

Athi River, 4,000 acres 500 metres from Mombasa road and behind Small World resort. Minimum selling block is 1,000 acres, ideal for high-end residential project. Asking 4.5m/acre

Sultan Hamud@ 550k; Makueni with a river frontage @250; Ngong Ndoroi area @ 600k/acre

Kilimambogo, 1,263 acres - Muka Mukuu (commonly referred to as Ngei Farm). The land has River frontage / dams, it's within the slopes of Kilimambogo hills, past Ol Donyo Sambuk, 19 km from Thika - Garissa rd. This land is ideal for large scale farming and located in coffee growing area. Asking price is 675k PA



Kitengela / Kisaju

1.     Kitengela, 20 acres near New light academy. Asking 15m/acre

2.     Kitengela, 10 acres near Yukos fronting main road. Asking 15m/acre

3.     Kitengela, 19 acres 2 km from Namanga road. Asking 10m/acre

4.     Kitengela, 20 acres 8 km from Kitengela touching tarmac. Asking 7.5m/acre

5.     Kitengela, 40 acres 5km from tarmac. Asking 5.5m/acre

6.     Kitengela, 100 acres near ostrich farm ideal for housing project, farming or Sacco for subdivision. Water & electricity within area. Asking 3m/acre

7.     Kitengela, 50 acres 9km from tarmac. Asking 2.5m/acre

8.     Kisaju - Saitoti's area 1, 40, 80 130 acres touching tarmac. Asking 7-10m/acre

9.     Kisaju, 100 acres 2km off tarmac. Asking 4m/acre

10.            Kisaju, 100 acres KAG along tarmac. Asking 7.5m/acre

11.            Kisaju Kimalat, 10 and 8 acres along tarmac. Asking 1.5m/acre

12.            Kisaju, 10acres near Jamii Bora Kisaju. Asking 2.6m/acre

Isinya / Kajiado

1.     Isinya, 78 acres 3km from town and on tarmac. Asking 4m/acre

2.     Isinya, 200 acres 10km from town fronting tarmac. Asking 3m/acre

3.     Isinya, Kipeto 38 acres 8km from Isinya. Asking 2m/acre

4.     Isinya, 30 acres 4km from Isinya to the land. Asking 1.8m/acre

5.     Isinya, 24 acres 12km from Isinya. Asking 1.1m/acre

6.     Kajiado, 100 & 200 acre blocks less than 0.5km from tarmac. Asking 2m/acre

7.     Kajiado, 100 acres with borehole 3km from Namanga Road. Asking 1.5m/acre

8.     Kajiado, 5 acres 4.5km from Namanga Road. Asking 1.2m/acre

9.     Maili Tisa, 110 acres on tarmac. Asking 850k/acre

10.            Namanga, 1000 acres few km from town touching tarmac. Asking 450k/acre

Tuala / Oloosirkon, 1/8 acre plots past Nazarene University in Rongai area. Plots are within town centre behind Mabwai restaurant and next to town's upcoming largest building. Ideal for student hostels development. Asking 2.1m/plot. Google Maps link HERE

Tuala / Oloosirkon, 6 acres with great view of city, Athi River, Ngong and Kitengela. It is next to farming activities (chicken and open green farming) with a communal dam and seasonal river.  Building materials are available within nearby quarries. Asking price is 3.5m/acre. Google Maps link HERE

Tuala / Oloosirkon, 3 - 20 acres facing National Park and near upcoming tourist hotel. Access can be through National park after paying the necessary park fees via Foot Bridge at the hotel. Asking 5 - 7m/acre. Google Maps link HERE

Tuala / Oloosirkon, 10 acre blocks in newly settled area by former Karen / Westlands / Parklands residence and near Sigma dairy farm. Asking 4m/acre. Google Maps link HERE

Isinya, 700 acres 7km from tarmac 1.6m/acre

Olekasasi, Ongata Rongai 1 acre next to Nazarene University.  Asking 18m

Kiserian, Ole Polos- Enkereyian, 150 acres touching tarmac.  Asking 450k/acre

Kiserian Ole Tepesi, 400acres touching Magadi road, 36km from Kiserian town prime for subdivision. Asking 400k/acre


Limuru, 200 acres located along road to Kiambu. Asking 10m/acre

Tigoni 100 acres. Asking 9m /acre

Kiambu road, 6 acre touching bypass 200 metres from Kiambu road towards Ruaka. Asking 50m/acre 

Kiambu road, 5 acres 150 metres from Kiambu road near  bypass towards Kiambu. Asking 65m/acre

Kiambu road, 2.5 acres with a hotel structure after Rock City touching Kiambu rd. Asking 300m

Kiambu road, 2 acres touching tarmac near Edenville estate. Asking 100m/acre

Thika road,  41 acres near Ruia / Ruiru bypass. Asking 35m/acre

Kiambu Cianda, 10 acres 10m

Kiambu road, 7.5 acres touches Kiambu road at Mushrooms turnoff with a farm house past Thindigwa. Asking 40m/acre. Google Maps link HERE

Kiambu, Muthithi Gardens 0.5 acre plots @ 23m

Kiambu near Village Inn, are 62 acres at 30m/acre

Kiambu near Starehe Girls, are 22 acres at 30m/acre

Kiambu road, 1 acre opposite Kiambu Institute of Science & Technology (KIST). Corner plot ideal for commercial or residential development. Asking 55m. Google Maps link HERE

Thika road, 78 acres touching road near Mangu High towards Nairobi and selling as a block. Asking 14m/acre

Thika Town, 1/4 acre within town and accessible from all the four sides making it ideal for apartments with all four sides having ground floor shops. Asking 32M

Thika road, 1/4 acre touching highway at Juja towards Nairobi. Asking 18m

Kamakis,Wystewria homes, 4 bedrooms and 2 en suite located 2km from Thika superhighway along Eastern Bypass and 100 metres off main road. House are in development stage and 2 houses are on 1/8 acre plot. Asking 7.8m (introduction price)

Ruiru - Kamiti road, 20 acres opposite Tatu City main gate and next to Bible school. Asking 18m/acre


Naivasha, 365 acres after Delamere farm towards Gilgil, minimum block 100 acres. Land is near planned high cost house project (Chapachura) and an international golf course. Asking 3.2m/acre; Naivasha 275 acres @ 6m/acre near lake and 205 @ 4.5m/acre Kogoni area

Naivasha/Longonot, 5, 10, 40, 70, 100 acres above Longonot gate project with a better view of Mt Longonot & Lake Naivasha than the project. The price 2-3 m/acre (½ acre is 5M within Longonot gate project)

Kinangop, 20 acres with a river, dam and access to electricity. Minimum block 5 acres. Asking price is 600k/acre

Nanyuki / West Timau - off-plan plots bordering upcoming Enaai Golf Estate (www.enaai.co.ke) 11.5 acre blocks at 1m - 700k/acre

Mombasa, 2 acres in Shanzu (North Coast), Behind Flamingo Beach Hotel, 2nd Row with Beach Access. Asking 75m/acre

Lamu, 113 acres prime beach property on sale as one parcel. The land is located opposite the railway station. Asking 5m/acre

Lamu - Manda Island, 73 Acres Beach plot with open sea. Asking 7m/acre as a single piece of 73 acres. 1st row preference 25 acres in total. Asking 10m/acre

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